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Hi, we are
Tasty Byte Games,

and we love to play.


 OLD SCHOOL FANS Passionate Mobile Developers Nerds Coffee Drinkers Donut Junkies Tiny Coders an Indie Game Developer not taking ourselves too seriously


just getting started...

We love what we do

We create games that don't require a PhD to play.

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Mobile Games Development

Simple, engaging games that are easy to play but trickier than you might think to master. Our games are based off of familiar gameplay mechanics, but with a twist.

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Entertainment Applications

Sometimes, you just want to hear fruits and vegetables sing you a song... We develop apps that entertain the user with unique interactive experiences.

Download Today and Play for Free!

Coffee and Donut Clicker is out now on Google Play! Coming soon to the Apple App Store!


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About Us

Would you like to know a little about us?

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Hi, we're Tasty Byte Games, a tiny, two person, indie mobile games developer based in Boston, MA.
We like to make games that you can play on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
We'd love to hear from you!

Our Games!

We love playing mobile games so much, we decided to make some ourselves.
We hope you like them!



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Reach for the stars! Neon Nights is a beautifully addictive and engaging gameplay experience where you try to collect as many stars as possible while avoiding the Neon Lights that protect them. Neon Nights is easy to pick up but hard to put down. We dare you to resist playing "just one more game" as you try to beat your high score!


  • Addictive, challenging gameplay.

  • Catchy soundtrack and beautiful, vibrant color graphics optimized for HD mobile displays.

  • Unlockable characters with the stars you collect.

  • Truly FREE to play. All characters and features are unlockable via in-game currency. Purchases are optional.

We hope you have fun playing and thanks for your support!

NEON NIGHT is COMING SOON! (anticipated release Date November 2017 for both iOS and Android)

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Coffee and Donut Clicker

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What's better than Coffee and Donuts? Playing Coffee & Donut Clicker, of course!

Play as both Coffee and Donut as you swipe, tap, and tilt your way to the top of the leaderboards! Coffee and Donut Clicker is a quirky, unique spin on incremental clicker games. With multiple, progressively challenging ways to play, you'll soon develop your own strategy on how to collect the beans as quickly as possible.

Race to the finish as many times as you can to unlock unique extras and submit your total number of completed games to the leaderboard. Don't forget to spend the beans you’ve collected on items that increase your bean collecting power.

We hope you'll enjoy playing Coffee and Donut Clicker as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you.

Download Coffee and Donut Clicker today and play for free!

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Got a ? or a comment? Need support?
Drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you.